adeptoto obtain, get, acquire»
deputoto count, estimate/prune, cut off»
deponoto put down, lay aside»
abeoto go away, retire /depart from life, die»
deponoto set down, bring down»
deportoto carry off, to take away»
adeptioattainment, obtaining, achievement»
deportoto carry [off], fetch»
depromoto take down, produce, fetch out»
viduoto deprive»
deposcoto earnestly request»
reponoto deposit, lay up, store / requite»
depulsopush aside, thrust away»
depereoto perish, be utterly ruined»
exuoto lay aside, put away, store/strip, deprive»
pendeoto hang, depend, be suspended /be uncertain, undecided»
discedoto depart from, deviate, leave»
deprecorto beg by entreaty, to excuse oneself / curse»
recedoto fall back, pass away, depart»
depopuloto pillage»
privoto rob, deliver, deprive»
depascorto feed upon»
deprecorto entreat for, beg for /intercede /curse»
nitorto rest, lean, support oneself / trust in, depend upon»
deprecorto deprecate, intercede?»
deputarito be classed among, be condemned to»
discedo(discessum ) to break up, depart, go away, pass away»
orbusdeprived of children or parents, orphan / deprived, destitute»
palor(dep.) to wander, stray, err»
fretus+ abl. relying upon, depending on, banking on»
cavuma hollow, hole, cavity, pit, excavation, depression»
viduatadeprived, widowed, bereft»
depopulorto pillage»
exsorsdeprived of»
pravusdepraved, wicked, evil, perverse»
intransitiveto depart»
legatusdeputy, ambassador, envoy, luitenet / commander of a legion»
decessioa retreat, withdrawal / departure, leavin»
opinor-atus, 1, dep. v, to be of the opinion of»
abscedoto go away, depart, leave»
decessusretirement / withdrawal / departure / death»
privus(with gen.) deprived of»
excessumdeparture, death, digression»
sterilisbarren, useless, unproductive, vain/ + gen., deprived of»
incumboto depend on/ devote oneself to»
deposco depoposcito demand»
responsaldeputy, representative»
mortuusdead, deceased, passed away, gone West, departed»
deprecatorintercessor, one who pleads on behalf»
libertasfreedom, liberty, independence / frankness, candor»
digressioseparation, departure, digression»
digressusseparation, departure, digression»
frustroto defraud, deprive»
deprehendoto understand, overtake»
egressiowithdrawal, depart, withdraw»
consisto(+ in) to depend on, rely on»
profunduma depth, abyss, chasm /the sea»
profectiodeparture, source, origin»
privatusdeprived, released»
depopulatiopillaging, looting, sacking, plundering, robbing»
pravitascrookedness, depravity, deformity, perversity»
constantersteadily, firmly, dependably, steadily»
latrocinor(dep) serve as a mercenary / to rob, steal»
inconsumptusunconsumed, undiminished, not depleted»
proficiscorto depart, set out, to start forward, to arise»
lacrimabilislamentable, deplorable, woeful»
depraedor depredorto plunder, lay waste, pillage, ravage»
for, fari, fatus(deponent) say, speak, talk about»
egredior, egressusto go out, leave, depart, exit»
deprimo (depressus)to press down, depress, low-lying»
depopulo, depopulorto lay waste, ravage, devastate»
liber libera, liberumfree, independent, unrestricted»
proficuus, proficiscorto start forward, set out, depart, arise»
digredior digredi digressusto depart, deviate, digress»
Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementatThose whom God wills to destroy he first deprives of their senses»
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