exigocomplete, finish, determine, decide, settle»
ilicetit is finished /right away, immediately»
exitusgoing out, going forth, exit, end, finish»
expleoto fulfill, finish»
consumoto spend, employ, use up, finish, waste away, destroy»
peragoto to go through with, accomplish, finish»
defungoto discharge one's duties, quit, retire, die, finish»
infectusunworked /not done, unfinished, incomplete»
debelloto vanquish, finish a war, fight out»
compleoto finish, complete»
decertoto contend, fight to the finish»
inchoatusunfinished, only begun»
expletioto bring to completion, finish, end»
perfectuscomplete, finished, done /perfect, without flaw»
expleo explevi expletumto fill, fill up, complete, finish»
Roma locuta, causa finita estRome (i.e. the Pope) has spoken, the cause (i.e. discussion) is finished»
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