referoto carry back, bring back, return»
reducoto lead back, bring back, return»
revertoto go back, return, revert»
reddoto impart, render, return, hand over, surrender»
repetoto return to, begin again, deduce, recall, recollect»
reddoto give back, restore, return /answer, translate, render»
remeoto return home, return»
redeoto go back, come back, return /(revenue) to come in»
reditusreturn /income, revenue /reward»
repetoto fall upon again, repeat, demand repeatedly, return»
revenioto come back, return»
rursuson the other hand, in return, back, again»
pro(+ abl.) in return for, instead of /for, as»
regrediorto march back, retreat, return»
infitiorto deny /deny a debt, refuse to return something»
recidivusreturning, restored, rebuilt»
repromittoto promise in return, promise again»
talio reddoto return like for like, retaliate»
revertor, reverti, reversusto return, come back»
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