bestiaanimal, beast»
fasdivine law or command/ fate, destiny/ lawful, allowed»
qui(question) how? in what way? / somehow / wherewith»
vestisclothing, garment, covering, blanket, carpet, tapestry»
pestisdestruction, pestilence, curse»
censeocensui, censum/ estimate, assess, evaluate»
basisa base/ foundation/ pedestal»
causacause /reason, motive, pretext /interest»
censeoargue, suggest, advise»
deleoblot out, erase /annihilate, destroy»
praesto [+ subj clause] to be better, preferable»
oratu(abl.sing.m.) by request»
etiam(asking a question) actually? really? in truth?»
cristacrest, plume / rooster's comb»
deleo(deletum ) to destroy, wipe out, erase»
quis(question) who?, what?, which?»
frenocurb, restrain, hold back, restrain»
etiam(answering a question) yes, certainly»
quid(question) what (thing)?»
piusdutiful, godly, holy, upright, kind, honest, affectionate»
curo(+gerundive) to see to a thing being done / cure, rest»
iugumcrossbar, beam of scales /crest, ridge»
pestiferbaleful, destructive, mischievous person»
optimeas best one can»
molestiaannoyalce, troublesomeness /stiffness, affectation»
digestorarranger, composer, one who makes a pattern»
atterodestroy, waste, weaken, impair»
inopsdestitute, impoverished, indigent, powerless»
orbusdeprived of children or parents, orphan / deprived, destitute»
expersdestitute of»
villacountry house, country estate /(med.) manor, village»
funestuscausing calamity, deadly»
obsidoblockage, besiege, invest»
eversioan overturning, destruction, ruin»
orgiaa festival of mysteries, orgy»
ruinadownfall, destruction»
equester(-stris, stre) equestrian, relating to cavalry»
agrestis(adj) rustic, wild, unmannered, boorish, clodish»
exitiumdestruction, ruin»
eversora destroyer»
infestusaggressive, hostile, dangerous»
priores(-um) forefathers, ancestors»
intertioarrest, seize, take into custody»
altilisdomestic fattened bird»
quidne(question) why not?»
maiores(pl.) ancestors»
contenteeagerly, earnestly»
crepido(-inis) foundation, base / pedestal / pier, quay / dam»
distraho(persons) estrange, distract /(property) sell up, alienate»
certamencontest, contention, rivalry of any kind, conflict»
castaneaa chestnut or chestnut»
cubilebed, (marriage bed) / lair, den, nest / hive of bees / seat»
pestiferedestructively, injurously»
consulo(+ dat.) look to the interests of/consult, ask advice»
inhonestusdegraded, dishonored /dishonorable, shameful /ugly»
deserit, relinquit, destituit [Verb]abandon»
cristatuscrested, plumed»
dilgenterattentively, earnestly, carefully, diligently»
cohibeoconfine, restrain, hold back, repress»
balanusacorn, chestnut, date»
turbatusangered, exasperated/ disturbed, restless, troubled»
plurimiat the highest price, of the highest worth»
strenuusbrisk, active, vigorous/ turbulent, restive»
domesticusdomestic, civil»
destitutusdestitue of»
quercetuman oak grove, and oak forest»
armariumcupboard, chest, safe (for food, clothing, money)»
vercundusbashful, modest»
postulatioa demand, request, desire /complaint»
decertatioa contest, contention»
inquisitor [med] juror, member of an inquest, trustee»
laxamentuma widening, expansion / rest, respite»
consiliumadvice, suggestion, wisdom, plan, purpose, judgment»
conflictuscontest, impulse»
destitutiones [Noun]abandonment»
potissimusbest of all, chief, principal»
instabilitasconstant motion, restlessness»
proletariusa citizen of the lowest rank»
arca archachest, box, money box, coffin, cell»
destitutio (f.), gen. destitutionis [Noun]abandonmen»
gestum (gero)carrying about, conduct (oneself)»
munificatorbestower of gifts»
gestum (gero)carriage, bearing / having borne»
intemptesta noxdead of night»
agon, agoniacombat, public contest»
quod eodem tempore est [Adjective]contemporaneou»
quantum in me estas much as in me lies»
statutum tempus* appointed, established»
cubitus, cubitusa lying down, rest»
erado, erasi, erasum(-ere) to scratch out, erase / destroy»
vester, vestra, vestrum(plu.) your, yours»
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