tentoto try, test»
testisone who gives evidence, witness, spectator / testicle»
obtestorto assert»
potestaslegal competence»
potestaspower, ability, authority /opportunity»
detestorto denounce»
ileguts, intestines»
obtestorto implore, entreat, beg, call as a witness»
exertustested, tried, approved, experienced»
certamencontest, contention, rivalry of any kind, conflict»
intestinusinternal, inner»
torqueoto twist, curl, rack, torture, torment, distort, test»
experiorto test, put to the test, ascertain»
exsecrorto detest, curse»
testimoniumproof, evidence, witness, indication»
voluntaslast will, testament / meaning, sense»
probaturfrom probo-are, to judge, test, examine»
minimusleast, smallest, slightest»
periclitorto test make a trial, put in peril, endanger»
decertatioa contest, contention»
abominorto abhor, hate, detest, abominate»
conflictuscontest, impulse»
permaximumthe very greatest»
facillimuseasiest, most agreeable, pleasantest»
intemptesta noxdead of night»
Aurum est potestasGold is power»
agon, agoniacombat, public contest»
protestor, protestoto declare in public, affirm, bear witness»
esse suae potestatisto be one's own master»
Natura in minima maximaNature is the greatest in the smallest things»
Testis unus, testis nullusA single witness is no witness»
Et ipsa scientia potestas estAnd knowledge itself, is power»
Amicus optima vitae possessioA friend is the greatest treasure in life»
experior (experiri, expertus )to try, test, experience, prove»
Maxima debetur puero reverentiaOne owes the greatest possible care for the child»
Fortis cadere, cedere non potestA brave man may fall, but he cannot yield»
Beatus, qui prodest, quibus potestHe is lucky who helps everyone he can»
Malum consilium quod mutari non potestIt is a bad plan that cannot be changed (A plan that cannot be changed is a bad one)»
Recta linea brevissima, recta via tutissimaStraight line is the shortest, straight road is the most safe»
Fortuna amicos parat, inopia amicos probatFortune is preparing friends, scarcity is in testing them»
Bona valetudo melior est quam maximae divitiaeGood health is worth more than the greatest wealth»
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